Message from the Chi epsilon alumni governor

Message SRG Joy Cruz: Good afternoon sisses! First of many firsts, I would like to thank the sisses who reached out to our residents who were stranded in the campus.

A special mention to Camille Dailo Encarnacion, for the initiative and swift action. I only have two words for you, sis, “Thank” and “You”. Thank you!!

To our residents, your good work do not go unnoticed. You were there in Taal, and still at it in this pandemic. Your spirit is unstoppable to do what is good and just.

You do every Chi Ep proud. To the general membership of the Chi Epsilon AA, we at the Board of Trustees are more than thankful for your overwhelming show of support to our AA.

With your contributions, we are in a better position now to be of service in this difficult time we are all facing. We have sisses in the medical field who are in the frontlines, braving the dangers as they go to work each day. We have family members who are in the same predicament.

We might have sisses who lost their livelihood. These are challenging times. We are all treading uncertain waters. Every second we are battling an invisible enemy. For those whose heads are still up, we are appealing for your unwavering support so that collectively we may be able to reduce the impact this pandemic is causing our members and communities.

Rest assured the Board of Trustees is finding ways to deliver.

Thank you and may our good Lord bless us all.

Joy Martha Cruz