About the UP Epsilon Chi Fraternity

The Epsilon Chi Fraternity is an Engineering-based fraternity in Diliman, and a University wide fraternity in Los Baños. Since its founding in 1964, it has produced a line of student leaders, board topnotchers in their respective fields, government officials here and abroad, respected luminaries of the academe, and pillars of industry in the private sector.

From young entrepreneurs, to professors in the academic field, to decision makers in government and industry, the Epsilon Chi Fraternity has taken pride in moulding leaders from its ranks, instilled with the ideals of excellence, nationalism, and the vision of a better tomorrow.

A relatively young fraternity, we have the benefit of the wisdom of the earlier generations of our brothers, and the fire and idealism of our younger generations, helping the brotherhood build a stronger Epsilon Chi, dynamic, and responsive to the changing times.

Today, the Epsilon Chi Fraternity stands proud of its achievements and most of all its members. Fully cognizant of the travails of our past, the Brotherhood of Radians forges ahead.

Whenever a new Radian gives his word to build a new self, described by the will to excel in all fields of human endeavour, the Circle of excellence is assured of continuity. And in the search for excellence, individually and as a Brotherhood, we do not believe in resting on our achievements, nor complacency.

By: Manny Coquia, 2002

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