The Epsilon Chi Fraternity – We are One

I believe in a Goal, and My Goal is Creation….

We underwent the process of transforming ourselves from ordinary men to Brother Radians, men above the rest, visionaries, builders of nations. We succeeded, and were given our cherished place in the brotherhood.

What does the Circle require?

Sometimes we find ourselves falling hard, committing mistakes unworthy of our beloved Creed, straying from the path, but still striving to fulfill ideals we swore to uphold.

Instinct dictates mere survival, but living the Creed and being part of the Circle demands purity of purpose, adherence to the tenets of the Brotherhood, and excellence above all.

Words that we have sworn to uphold continue to shape our thoughts, our actions, and ultimately our destiny. For being counted as a member of the Circle has its heavy responsibilities, sometimes more than we come to realize.

The responsibility of living up to the grand ideals of the Brotherhood does not end when we leave our beloved schools. We spend five or so years in college, but the best years of our lives are spent after, building our families, the nation, and ourselves. One then comes to realize that more responsibility and distinction is expected, in all tasks. Neither does our adherence to the Creed and the Fraternity tenets end when we leave school and start our careers. Again, more is demanded. Since the Brotherhood was forged with the highest principles, excellence is the rule, not the exception.

Excellence is demanded from all those who dare to face themselves and count themselves as members of the Brotherhood.

Living the Creed is a constant battle, not one that is always won, but a struggle that distinguishes the Circle by its sheer presence in our consciousness.

The Circle has had its share of difficulties, and all of us fail at times. However, we strive to learn from our past, choose to rebuild ourselves, and dare again. Our individual struggles today shape our fate, our destiny, and collectively, the legacy of our Brotherhood.

We struggle, we dare, excellence is our mark.

This is our vow and we are Epsilon Chi.

For I am a Radian.


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