The Epsilon Chi Fraternity Timeline

The 60’s was a time of boundless energy, teeming with social unrest, protests, and changes in various fronts – societal, scientific, political, and intellectual transformation. Change was sweeping nations, and the University was no exception.
On October 2nd of this year the Epsilon Chi Fraternity was born, founded by 32 visionaries at the College of Engineering, University of the Philippines in Diliman. The fraternity was first known as the Engineering Circle, due to a University ban on Greek lettered organizations.

In March of this year, the fraternity was officially recognized as the Epsilon Chi Fraternity. It was also on this year that the parking lot, at the College of Engineering was built, both as a tribute and support to the College, and the University, a lasting legacy to the University.

On August 11, 1973, the UP Epsilon Chi Fraternity at Los Baños was founded, further expanding the reach of the vision of Epsilon Chi. The UPLB Chapter remains today as an equal and autonomous partner in sharing the ideals of the brotherhood.

This year also witnessed the birth of the Chi Epsilon Sorority, a University- wide sorority, complementing the chapter at UP Los Baños. Our sisters have been constant partners in both chapters, in all our activities and pursuits.